Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Movies: Dallas Buyers Club (15), Robocop (2014) (12A), The Lego Movie (U), The Wolf of Wall Street (18)

Dallas Buyers Club – what’s it about? A biography of Ron Woodroof – its 1985 and he’s diagnosed with HIV and fudges the system to bring unapproved medicines into the US for his fellow suffers.

This – what can I say about this – it was dull, boring, skanky and well yeah – it was very low on the scale – could have been better – but I suppose it got its point across – but it just lacked!

Rating: J

Robocop – what’s it about? Alex is a family man and cop – he is nearly killed and Omicorp offer his family the chance for him to live and become the first human-robot police officer…

This was pretty awesome – good remake – great graphics – acting and all round goodness – action – story and humour…if you like a bit of sci-fi then go and see this – it’s well worth a looksee!

Rating: J J J J

The Lego Movie – what’s it about? Emmet is a standard Lego figurine…but discovers the Piece of Resistance and that it’s his duty to save the world from the evil Lord Business.

Its Lego…well computer animated Lego – it had its moments – gave me a laugh – good story for a kid’s movie – and that is what it is a kid’s movie! Worth a watch if you want something silly and amusing!

Rating: J J J

The Wolf of Wall Street – what’s it about? Based on a true story – Jordan sets out to make his millions as a stock broker – he sets up his company that doesn’t do things quite by the books – and the government try to take him down!

This movie was really far too long – 3 hours – 3 hours – seriously – it did not need to be that long! After the first hour I was looking at my watch! It was pretty crude – over the top – and just pretty I don’t know – there was one part and I’ll just say the country club which was the only really amusing part of the entire thing!

Rating: J J


  1. Robocop: definitely on my list
    Legomovie: LOL

    1. Yep see Robotcop!!! It must be done :D

  2. Hey i didn't know how to pm you, but well...

    why ?! dallas buyer club was awesome.

    robocop, great, but somehow i felt too much 'murica (its a different taste comparing it to the old one, but not bad, just different, great effects, and of course samuel jackson :D)

    yeah the wolf of wallstreet was cool, but it was too long and at some point it gets repetitive, i don't know which word i should use but anyways it is kinda overrated.