Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Movies: Yes Man (DVD - 12A) & Team America: World Police (DVD - 15)

Yes Man – What’s it about? Carl is talked into going to a life changing seminar – where he makes a covenant to only say YES to things…it’s a whole new experience as before he always said no…

This is Jim Carrey so you know what to expect – over the top – loudness…if you like him then you’ll probably love this one – if not then you’ll probably hate it with a passion! It’s stupidly funny – but a goodie!

Team America: World Police – What’s it about? The anti-terrorism squad that battle against the terrorist forces as they plot to destroy the world with WMDs...

It’s a puppet! Lol this is a pretty random movie – it’s filled with daft humour – similar to South Park and all those type of cartoons – worth a watch if you like that kind of thing! If you haven’t seen it or re-watch it be prepared not to be able to say “Matt Damon” properly for a long time afterwards…if at all ever!

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