Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Movies: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (15) & Last Vegas (12A) & American Hustle (15)

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – What’s it about? Jesse and his mates begin to muck around recording stuff with their video camera…their neighbour is found dead and they go an investigate the empty apartment. Jesse notices a weird mark on body the next day and then all freaky stuff starts happening as demon possession beings to take control!

If you’ve seen any of the Paranormal Activity movies then you know what to expect – if you didn’t like them you know not to see this one! It takes a while to get going – a lot of kids mucking around and it’s like com’on – but when it gets going…about half way through…it really gets going and turns out to be a great spookfest – filled with a few jumps and scares!

Last Vegas – What’s it about? Billy is getting married…at the age of 60ish – him and his old childhood friends set out to have an epic stag party in Las Vegas...

This wasn’t as funny as I hoped – though I had some expectations with this one. Don’t get me wrong it was funny – but nothing really hysterically or LOL funny…with an all star cast the acting is great but you know the movie could have been better – not saying it’s terrible – it’s just alright…heh.

American Hustle – What’s it about? It follows the story of Irving and his partner in crime as they con their way through life – they get entangled with the FBI and are forced into a bigger world of crime – including the mafia duh duh duh

OMG I really can’t believe I actually managed to sit through that entire film – from the adverts I thought it was going to be bad but that that was really taking the biscuit! It had a couple of bits that made me laugh but through most of it I was really thinking when is this moving going to end. Definitely not my cup of tea and one I will never watch again…

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