Monday, 27 January 2014

Movies: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (12A), Grudge Match (12A) and August: Osage County (15)

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – what’s it about? Jack is recruited into the CIA and uncovers a Russian plot – can they stop it in time?…

This was pretty good…yeah yeah I liked it! – Typical spy CIA type stuff – with enough action to be entertaining – gun – fighting – car chasing – and not a bad plot either – worth checking out if you like government type stuff. I want to work for the CIA!

Grudge Match – what’s it about? Kid and Razor were both boxing champions back in the day – both only ever lost once to each other. Fast forward thirty years on and they set out to have a rematch…

This is a comedy and basically takes the mick out the fact these guys are like 60 and are trying to fight – made me chuckle – there were a few parts that made me lol. If you like the actors, want to be slightly amused and just want a general boxing film worth a watch.

August: Osage County – what’s it about? A very dysfunctional family get together…

OMG this was pretty long for what it was – basically two hours of talking, talking and more talking…another one of those ridiculous boring movies that is complete drivel that’ll probably win Oscars! Ok enough moaning…the only plus with this is it made my family look normal…watch it if there is nothing else on or if you like Dramas – if not stay well clear!

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