Sunday, 12 January 2014

Movies: The Darkest Hour (DVD - 12) & Zoolander (DVD - 12)

The Darkest Hour - What's it about? Aliens attack - and a group of visitors to Moscow battle to help humanity survive...along with some crazy ass Russians!

What's cooler than an alien invasion? invisible aliens that disintegrate you by touch! I thought this was going to be really bad - 'cause I'd never heard of it - but it was pretty great! The acting may be wobbly in parts but overall the story, graphics and action - which is suspense filled - makes this one worth a see if you like sci-fi...

Zoolander - What's it about? At the end of his career - Derek Zoolander - an airhead male model is unknowing brain washed to kill the president of Malaysia!

A few people said to watch this so I did - it was really really REALLY stupid - so dumb ass - but it is amusing, made me chuckle - though I think it killed my brain cells 'cause after I felt dumber! If you want to just watch a silly comedy then have a look at this - but if you're after a movie with more brains than an amoeba then skip this open....

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