Thursday, 2 January 2014

Game (Real-life): Archery Tag

This is a newish sport that has hit the UK…it’s only been here for the last couple of years – basically it is like paintball but instead of guns you have bows and arrows – you set up in teams and have challenges – game varieties – such as dodge ball, hunger games, death shots, target shots etc…don't worry it's all safe because you have specialist bows and special foam tipped arrows...


I would really recommend this as a fun’s not too expensive – if you can get a team together you are looking at an afternoons worth of play for around £20-30. If you’re not that fit you will hut afterwards…not really from arrow shots but more the darting out of the way, crouching, shooting...ok and the arrow shots can pack a punch if you've got some strong armed players playing. It is definitely something that gets the heart pumping! I'd recommend giving it a go - especially if you like either paintball/air-soft or LARP as it's similar in ways - it is a really really really fun game to play!

More information can be found on the Archery Tag website...

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