Sunday, 15 December 2013

Movies: Dark Skies (DVD – 15) & Doom (DVD – 15)

Dark Skies – what’s it about? A sci-fi horror where a family is haunted by aliens…they have come to make your fears real, torment you and abduct you!

Ok basically this is like a Paranormal Activity movie but with aliens instead of ghosts – but it rocks – awesome spook-factor – just enough – a good story and aliens…so yeah this is great if you love horror and sci-fi stuff! It isn’t one of those over the top special effects movies – it leaves pretty much everything to the imagination – classic horror rather than the modern gore or special effects! Sleep tight and remember they're already here…

Doom – what’s it about? Based on the awesome FPS video game - in this the RRTS are called for a search and destroy mission as a lab on Mars has been quarantined.

I really wanted to play Doom after watching this – a great game movie – lots and lots of action and blood and violence – what’s not to love...oh oh and not forgetting the classic gun cam from the game uuuummmmmm gun cam. If you love a good bit of blood and violence – and loved the games – or don’t have a clue – then this is an epic action movie to see!

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