Wednesday, 27 November 2013

TV Series: Star Trek: Enterprise

What’s it about? It's the 22nd century and Capt Archer and the crew of the Enterprise begin to explore the galaxy in this the early days of Star Fleet…it runs for 4 seasons.

Ok – what to say I’ve watched this nearly every night for the last few months – I’ve been pretty hooked on it – and I don’t know what I’ll do now without my daily dose! I know a lot of people slated it – but it was actually really enjoyable – it’s Star Trek so you kind of know what to expect. The stories are good, the characters though a little expected are nice too, the alien races and first contact situations are interesting too. I’d take a look if you like sci-fi stuff…you might be presently surprised! Live long and prosper!


  1. Hey, just clicked on your link to here, nice blog you have here. So also a star trek fan. Me too. Many of the hardcore fans don't like Enterprise, but I like that show. I'm not a hardcore fan, lets say average fan. ;-). Like you say, good stories and good actors. Have all the series on dvd. Greetings, Jurgen (Captain3009 on the nosgoth forums)

    1. Thank you :D epic - glad you enjoyed the series also and you like another similar thing! Lol people usually only want the Nosgoth preview article when heading over from there ;)