Thursday, 21 November 2013

Movies: Hunger Games (DVD - 12A) and Hunger Games: Catching Fire (12A)

Hunger Games - what's it about? Based on the book by the same name the Hunger Games is set in a world where after war the capitol set up the hunger games - where each year two members from each district (there's 12) - one female and one male - compete to be the soul survivor of the games.

I saw this when it came out on DVD but they did a double-bill at the cinema last night - it was much more awesome on the big screen! Anyway a great movie - good story, character development, suspense and what not - some epic death scenes in this movie - love 'em! Though I did question the originality of this one - as so many others did with a certain Japanese film...

Hunger Games: Catching Fire - what's it about? (without spoiling it) is a continuation from the previous movies - the games reach their 75th year and with a quell the games are changed - this time picking the tributes from those who have previously won the games...

If you like the first movie - then definitely see this one - and I recommend in the cinema too as it was a good cinematic experience! Man the deaths are once again awesome - not as cool and entertaining as the first movie but still good - though less of it this time?! It is enjoyable and one to see - ummm I want a bow!

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