Sunday, 3 November 2013

Movies: Heat (DVD – 15), Primer (DVD – 12) and Hocus Pocus (PG – DVD)

Heat – What’s it about? Well…it’s a crime-drama so that basically gives you a large clue. It follows a group of robbers who obviously commit some heists – and the detective trying to catch them – their lives and paths cross as they both try to reach their goals...

This is getting on a weebit – but sometimes the old ones are the best…right? A nice mix of crime, action and drama…though it is quite long – make sure you have 3 hours to watch this one! Epic action – especially one amazing scene – guns and explosions – and a great story – woohoo…what more do you want?

Primer – What’s it about? A group of engineers work on their own experiment in their spare time…in their garage. Whilst creating a machine to block the gravitational pull from an object they accidently – yeah accidently – create a machine that manipulates time…of course they use it! – What else would you do with a time machine? – Yeah and they have to deal with the consequences of their actions…

Dude you need to be awake to watch this one – you can’t leave your brain at the door! This is an independent sci-fi movie…and its bloody good, gets the old noggin going with all the science and leaves you contemplating it long after you’ve finished watching – its not action – its brains in this movie – and a lot of get in the box – go on you know you want to!

Hocus Pocus - What’s it about? It is about three witch sisters – the Sanderson sisters who are hung for witchcraft, they swear to come back to life and suck the lives from all the children in Salem. It is Halloween night and by the hand of Max the witches are brought back to life – him, his sister and friend Alison have to try to stop them from being resurrected permanently!

This film is pure class – it’s a classic – if you haven’t seen it then I don’t know where you’ve been – it maybe 20 years old to the year but it is still fantastic – filled with magic, song and strange goings on – like talking cats and disgruntled zombies – this is a prize film from the 90s and is one you have to watch…or re-watch – do it otherwise…I’ll put a spell on you…

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