Friday, 30 August 2013

A little about me and what I'm doing here...

I wasn’t going to do this but meh what the hell it may help you understand me a little more…

I’m woman from England who most people would label a geek but hey I’m cool with that because it’s true I do like sci-fi, computers, video games and anime!

Why this blog? Well a cinema opened in my town at the end of 2012 and well I’ve kind of moved in there, been checking out a lot of movies since around Feb 2013 and quite a few people have said I should have a blog and write my thoughts about them…so hey I thought what the hell. It’s taken me a long while to do this and get the guts to but hey here it is my little haven, its main focus will be movies but I’ll also throw in some other cool stuff too.

Hope you enjoy :D


  1. hey, i've checked a bit more of your blog, cool reviews. gotta check all of em (btw have you seen any david lynch movies?...hint: blue velvet)

    1. Thank you muchly :D I think the only one I've seen is Dune - I'll definitely keep an eye open for Blue Velvet! Are there any others you’d recommend?

    2. yeah, but i should do pm, i once had a movie/game/blabla/ blog, but it was closed i dunno why T_T